Sleeping Systems

Especially on board of ships moisture and condensation are big problem and the sleeping area onboard is due to lack of space often less comfortable than home.
The different sleep systems can thus prove a good service here.
Because these systems are very easy to make at any size, it is every shape to realize. Even if storage is available under the sleep systems , it remains easily accessible.

Wooden Bed System

This new bed frames are quick and easy to assemble. The narrow slats ensure maximum flexibility and optimal anatomical sleeping posture. Very good access to the storage space by means roll or removing the slat bases. Because of good air circulation , you have less effect of moisture or mold spots in the mattress.

Type Max . dimension
Standard model slatted ( 4 cm height) up to 90 x 200 cm
Wide slatted base model ( 4 cm height) up to 130 x 200 cm

Viva Clip System

This system provides a very uniform support and excellent air ventilation. A basic bed system consists of independent plastic springs which tool very easy to clip together to form a fully mattress.
It is also very light weight (2.3 kg per square meter) and an overall height of 33 mm.


A complete set of Viva Clip-System elements for the standard dimension of beds for caravans is available in a handy box.

1. Basic Bed in a box package

  • 40 spring elements normal
  • 8 spring elements soft
  • 48 bases unassembled
  • 10 teension units
  • for widhts from approx.: 63,3 - 69,6cm
  • to length of approx.: 196,4 - 218,4cm

2. Supplementary package

  • 12 Spring elements normal
  • 2 spring elements soft
  • 12 base unsssembled

3. Additional package of half bodies

  • 12 spring elements
  • 12 bases unassembled

Mounting example

  • With a width of 140cm and a length of 200cm
  • Multiply 8 x 12 = 96 elements.
  • These are two basic packages.