Vyva Fabrics introduces collection Glade, composed of a beautiful, soft velvet, perfect for the upholstery of furniture. Thanks to its warm, intense and timeless colour scheme, Glade suits any interior style, both modern and classic.

The versatile collection consists of a plain variant, Glade Smooth, a version with a sewn in diamond motif, Glade Stitch, and Glade Stamp, with a nice shaped relief pattern. Glade Smooth and Stamp are available in no less than twentysix different colours, Glade Stitch comes in eleven hues, ranging from classic Aspen Green to the neutral and timeless ‘sandy’ Shore.

The fabrics have a soft feel and sheen, a luxurious and rich appearance and are at the same time very strong and practical, so low in maintenance and durable. This upholstery fabric is wear-resistant, fade-resistant, moisture- and stain repellent and does not wrinkle, shrink or pill.


Composition 100% polyester
Weight 430 gr / m2
Roll Width 140 cm
Roll Length 30 meter
Abrasion resistance >45.000 cycles (Martindale) BS EN ISO 12947-2/BS EN 14465: 2003 Annex a
Change in shade @ 3000 revs: grade: grade 4
Colour fastness to rubbing (dry) 4-5 BS EN ISO 105 x 12: 2002
Colour fastness to rubbing (wet) 3-4 BS EN ISO 105 x 12: 2002
Pilling resistance 4-5 ISO 12945-1:2000
Colour fastness to Light 4 ISO 105-B02:2014
Colour fastness to Dry cleaning 4-5 ISO 105-D01:2010
Flame Retardancy BS 5852: part 1:1979, Ignition source 0 (Cigarette): PASS
BS EN 1021-1: 2014 (Cigarette test): PASS
Cigarette ignition resistance (NFPA 260 standard): PASS class 1