As good as Italian food

Vyva Fabrics have launched the POPOLARE collection, comprising an artificial upholstery leather inspired by Italian cuisine, which is loved the world over. As always, we have stayed true to our motto: 'Never out of style, always in fashion.' Of course, the collection is characterised by the high standards Vyva Fabrics is renowned for, including care for the environment and consumer comfort.

Exclusive recipe

This exclusive line of artificial leather looks like real leather, is pleasant to the touch, durable and easy to maintain. The upholstery fabric is available in no less than 56 warm, easy-to-combine and appetising colours, such as cream white Burrata, golden brown Caramello, soft green Pesto and dark greyish Tartufo. The collection also offers a choice of 17 fabrics in glossy metallic shades. All with a pinch of Italian style.

Both the materials and the method of production used for the new POPOLARE collection comply with European REACH legislation to reduce the use of chemical components. This ensures the safety of both materials and production to human and nature, to skin and environment. Furthermore, POPOLARE is entirely phthalates free, wear-resistant, fade-resistant and anti-bacterial. In short, it is appealing to 'tutta la famiglia', literally and figuratively speaking.

La bella vita

So, bring on the pasta or pizza, because a little spilled olive oil or tomato sauce can do no damage. You just wipe it away! Enjoy 'la bella vita', which is a given when you opt for the tasteful and high quality upholstery fabrics from the POPOLARE collection.


  • Fire Resistant Additives
  • Free Phthalate Free
  • RoHS


Composition Topcoat : 70,2% PVC, 7,8% PU
Backing 21,9% Polyester
Weight 730 gr/m2
Roll Width min. 137 cm
Roll Length +/- 30 m
Abrasion (Martindale) >100.000 cycles
Cold Crack CFFA 6a-2010 no cracking
Accelerated-ageing tests (Tropical test ISO 1419):
week 7: No cracking, peeling, or delamination
Light fastness >6 EN ISO 105B02 (Blue Wool Scale) Colour
Colour fastness to Rubbing (dry) 4-5 EN ISO 105X12:2002 (Blue Wool Scale)
Colour fastness to Rubbing (wet) 4-5 EN ISO 105X12:2002 (Blue Wool Scale)
Flame retardancy
US UFAC Class 1
US CAL TB 117-2013, Section 1: PASS
US NFPA 260 Cigarette ignition resistance ASTM E1353-08ae1: PASS class 1
US Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials ASTM E84-15B: class B