Soda & Straw

Soda & Straw

Vyva Fabrics proposes a toast to the latest collection of artificial leathers, Soda & Straw

The collection consists of alluring burlap-like textures, some delicate, other a bit coarser, but all share a very natural, textile-like look. The exceptional, earthly tones, among which classic oxblood red and trendy petrol, all combine well together. Soda & Straw entices into playing with textures and with the inviting, warm cocktail of colours. The collection also contains smooth artificial leather in appetising colours, such as light grey Gin, olive green Green Tea and sandy Champagne.


  • Please do not use abrasive cleaner!
  • For strong soils, we suggest to use a wet cloth with soap water.
  • Use our VYVA Cleaner, this High Performance Vinyl Upholstery Cleaner is highly suitable for cleaning artificial leather and fabrics. Vyva Cleaner

Specifications Soda & Straw

Composition Topcoat: 70% Vinyl
Backing: 30% Polyester
Weight 800 gram per m2
Thickness 1.00 mm
Roll Width 140 cm
Roll Length 30 meter
Abrasion resistance > 100.000 cycles (Martindale) EN ISO 12947-2
UV-resistance (BS EN ISO 105-BO2:1999) (Minimum BWS** 5): Grade 5
Finishes Anti-Mildew (ISO 22196-2007)
(ASTM Test Method 147, ASTM Test Method 30-III)
Spotless finish for easy cleaning
Flame Retardancy BS5852 Crib 5 Cigarette and Match
IMO FTP 2010 Code Part 8 Appendix 1