Weld II

Weld II

Weld II is an innovative way to create a pattern in synthetic leather, polyurethane or fabric.
Because the pattern is laminated into it, you create a three dimensional appearance.
This gives the material a unique and exclusive look

Properties Weld II

  • When using synthetic leather, the seams are waterproof

Cleaning Weld II

  • Use the cleaning advice of the relevant material.

Specificatie Weld II

There are 16 different patterns available.
There are 6 different backings available.


A: 2,5 cm stripe without stitch
B: 3,0 cm stripe with stitch
C: 5,0 cm stripe with stitch
D: 5,0 cm stripe without stitch
E: 9,0 cm stripe without stitch
F: 2,0 cm checks with stitch
G: 3,5 cm checks with stitch
H: 5,0 cm padding (padded) with stitch
I: 6,0 cm checks without stitch
J: 22 cm wave without stitch
K: 5,0 cm circels without stitch
L: pindot without stitch
M: 5 x 5 cm square without stitch
N: 10 x 10 cm square without stitch
O: 10 x 10 cm square with stitch
P: 12 x 12 cm square with stitch


1: 100 grams cotton wool with tricot backing
2: 100 grams cotton wool with pvc backing
3: 4mm pvc with pvc backing anti-bacterial
4: 4mm pvc anti-bacterial with pvc backing anti-bacterial
5: 6mm foam with tricot
6: 6mm FR foam flame retardent foam with tricot

Step 1: Choose your pattern
Step 2: Choose your material (one of our collections)
Step 3: Choose your color
Step 4: Choose your backing

Width Depending ont he collection, because of the pattern it becomes slightly shorter.
Minimum Purchase 10 meters or a multiple (2 x 5 meters)
Delivery time 3 – 4 weeks